Replas Slipsheet

Replas slipsheet is designed for both pallet and pallet‐less handling of materials to simplify the storage, transporting and de‐palletising of a wide range of finished products.

Manufactured from 100% recycled plastic, Replas slipsheet is a convenient, cost‐effective and durable material for the distribution of goods. In conjunction with the appropriate de‐palletising system, Replas Sheet can do away with the expense of pallets. Replas slipsheet offers a stable, hygienic and protective surface for a wide range of products.

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Semi-Finished Sheet

Replas semi‐finished range of sheets can be manufactured to a client’s chosen range of gauges, sizes and colours. Using recycled resins to manufacture custom sheet, they then can then be, if required profile cut and assembled into a range of fabricated structures. Replas can manage the total journey of that process

Gauge Range: 0.5 mm – 12 mm

Maximum width: 2,000 mm

Maximum Length (to date): 3,700 mm

Recycled material resin: High Density Polyethylene, low density polyethylene, Polypropylene

Structures: 2 layers

Garden Trellis

Available in green, brown and grey, our garden trellis is a durable, long‐life mesh that comes with a 2 year UV protection warranty. This is a versatile trellis that is ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • General fencing
  • Children\'s play areas
  • Trellis for climbing plants
  • Plant protection in the garden
  • Protection around large tree

Maintenance free and quick and easy to install.

Use timber posts for extra support where needed.

Available in a variety of widths 500mm, 900mm and 1200mm and lengths 3, 5 , 6 and 30 meters.

Made from 100% post consumer waste milk bottles.

Ground Stability Mesh

Designed for commercial or domestic applications, ground stability mesh prevents soil erosion and helps to promote plantation growth. A durable grade mesh available in a wide variety of mesh profiles to suit an extensive range of applications.

Available in rolls 2m x 30m.

Made from 100% post consumer waste milk bottles.

Pipe Shield

Constructed from heavy duty, processed 100% post consumer waste milk bottles , Pipe Shield provides protection for underground services, reducing the risks associated with operators breaking vital connections. Laid above services, Pipe Shield's unique size and profile impedes digging activity and warns operators that services are below.

Available in rolls 2m x 30m.

Colour: Black

Tree Shield

Designed as a durable, long‐life solution to provide increased protection to newly planted trees and shrubs from grazing animals. Tree Shield is a complete netting tube that eliminates the need for expensive fencing, is maintenance free and quick and easy to use.

Available in a range of lengths, 1.1m (sheep size) and 1.7m (cattle size). Must be stapled at the top and bottom ends.

Colour: Black

Made from processed 100% post consumer waste milk bottle.

Tree Shield comes with a 2 year UV protection warranty.

Safety Mesh

A heavy duty mesh designed specifically for construction and building site safety fencing and for sports or public events where effective, economical safety control is required.

Highly visible in bright orange.

Available in rolls 1050mm x 30m. Made from high density polyethylene.

Visible Mesh is a lighter gauge of Safety Mesh, designed for applications that require a visual warning without the need to provide heavy duty safety.

Available in rolls 950mm x 30m.

Oyster Mesh

Designed for use in the aquaculture industry to promote the growing and easy harvesting of oysters and mussels. Made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene, extra strength Oyster Mesh is available in a wide range of dimensions to suit individual applications.

Protected against Ultra‐Violet light to provide long‐life. Oyster Mesh is easy care and no maintenance.

Made from processed 100% post consumer waste plastic milk bottle.

Available in rolls 1m x 30m or 2m x 30m.

Colour Black