Replas Slipsheet Managed Refurbishing Systems

This service from Replas is a best practise global leader for pallet‐less distribution systems that require cost effective methods of maintaining slipsheet hygiene. When implemented into a supply chain with well‐defined hubs, the Replas Slipsheet Managed Refurbishing System will give you a streamlined supply of totally refurbished slipsheets ready to re‐use at a fraction of the cost of new sheets.

The Process

The Replas multi‐use Slipsheet is integrated into your supply chain, and once used, the slipsheet is recaptured, refurbished and re‐introduced back into the chain for re‐use. This service is the most cost‐effective way of ensuring the highest level of slipsheet hygiene is maintained at all times, without the expense of continual repurchase.

Advantages of the Replas Refurbishing System

  • Delivers quality and hygienic standards required for successful re‐introduction into the supply chain with no compromises.
  • Manages location and relocation of sheet, ensuring sheet is available at all times.
  • Reduces per trip costs.
  • Ensures sheet is correctly presented. This is especially important for supply chains that automatically re‐introduce sheets.
  • Extends the usable life of a sheet.
  • Allows clients to focus on core business.
  • Allows real time monitoring and adjustments of system to maximise and capture benefits at all time.