Slipsheets - Smart Thinking

Distribution, packaging, warehouse and freight managers have always strived for more effective and efficient product distribution processes. One of the main objectives has always been to reduce costs, and one innovation that has improved the distribution process and significantly reduced costs is plastic slipsheet technology.

In recent years wooden pallets have revealed a number of disadvantages includingthe amount of space they need, their high weight component contributed to the total weight of the load, and their cost.  By using Replas slipsheets, customers no longer have to purchase, handle, repair, ship and return heavy, bulky wooden pallets. Users are also released from the accounting and crediting of wooden pallets in data processing and accounting departments.

The most important advantage with Replas slipsheets is the significant cost savings achieved by the reduction in space needed for storage and transportation, and from the cost of a plastic slipsheet vs the cost of a wooden pallet ‐ on average a cost reduction of 80%.

The interest in slipsheet materials handling has developed rapidly at all levels of distribution channels, as seen from the growth in the slipsheet handling equipment industry. Riding on this new innovation has also been the appearance around the world of slipsheet handling seminars and short courses.

Today, many international organisations have converted their operations to a materials handling system utilising Replas slipsheet technology, and benefited from cost reductions, greater efficiency, and the knowledge that every slipsheet manufactured has reduced our impact on the global environment.

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