Bulk Bag Slipsheet

A recent development in pallet‐less handling systems is the introduction of the Replas Slipsheeted Bulk Bag. This innovative new product has a high‐quality Replas slipsheet attached to a premium grade bulk bag, which allows loads up to 1000 kg to be moved through a distribution chain. This style of packaging suits mechanised loading and unloading systems handling bulk products such as milk powders, flour, grains, minerals and rice.

Advantages of using the Replas Slipsheeted Bulk Bag:

  • Significantly reduces bulk materials handling costs
  • Optimises valuable container and warehouse space
  • Reduces loading and unloading time
  • Reduces product damage
  • Provides a hygienic barrier between product and exterior surfaces
  • Ensures successful loading and unloading during distribution

Special features of the Replas Slipsheeted Bulk Bag:

  • Bulk bag and slipsheet is an integral unit. The slipsheet is attached at a leading edge so it remains one unit at all times
  • The attached slipsheet conveniently drops out of the way during unloading
  • The bottom slipsheet adds extra hygienic protection, which ensures foreign matter does not enter into the unloading process